Frequently Asked Questions

Shower Seal Selection.

Simply click onto the 'Shower Seals' catagory in the blue band across the top.  This will present you with the various shower seal options to choose from.  Glass seals are divided into glass thickness sections. (ie 3mm Glass Seals for 3mm thick glass, 4-6mm Glass seals for 4mm, 5mm and 6mm glass thicknesses etc.)  If your seal is slides into a metal frame or channel, then select the Rubber Seals for Channels section, and so on...

Once you have selected your desired seal, click onto it for further details and dimensions.  Here you can select the appropriate length from a drop down menu and place your order.

If you need help from our experts, please read the below points, and measure the required information, so that when you call us we can advise accurately.


If your seal pushes onto glass, please measure 3 simple things.

1. The glass thickness

2. The length of seal required

3. The gap between the glass and bath edge/ tiled surface or shower tray that the seal seals onto.



If your seal slides into a metal channel or frame...

Check out the Rubber Seals for Channels section. If you need advice from our team, please measure the width of the top of the seal (that slides into the channel) and the overall height of the seal, then email us the information, with a picture, if possible. 

If you need further help, please email us the relevant information described above to: and our technical team will be in touch within a few hours of your enquiry! Or simply call us on 01732 840 380.


Here are some useful video links:




If you still need help:

If you are at a complete loss, simply post us a small sample of your existing seal (only enough so we can see the profile/shape of the seal) and include your details including a phone number, and we will contact you the day it arrives with possible solutions! Please note: we are unable to return samples sent.

Our address is:
The Shower Seal Shop Ltd
Unit D2, Smeed Dean Centre
Castle Road, Eurolink
Sittingbourne, Kent
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